California Poppy Seed

Valley of California Poppy Seeds – Positive Impact on Sleep Quality and Potential Mood-Boosting Benefits in Women.

California Poppy Seed, or ​​Eschscholzia Californica

Nature's wild child, bright and vibrant, soft and clean, you will not miss this herb if you see it. Taking over the landscape where she grows, this superherb has petals painted orange and yellow, drawing you in much like a jaw-dropping sunset does. 

In contrast to the exuberant image in nature, California poppy seed induces feelings of plant-derived sedation. It’s calming, it’s effective, and it’s an integral part of our products. If you need a little help when trying to slow down and rest, you may find this ingredient becomes one of your go-to girls. We included her in our REST formula to let you reap the benefits.

Evidence-based relief and benefits from this superherb:

  • Positive impact on sleep quality
  • Possible mood-boosting benefits
  • Lowered feelings of anxiety and increased state of relaxation
  • Supportive of women who are menstruating through potential alleviation of painful cramps 

hey freya’s women-focused California poppy seed research database

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