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What We Found:

78% of participants saw mood improvements over 8 weeks.

75% of participants were less overwhelmed by day to day stressors after 8 weeks.

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At hey freya, we do homework—not guesswork.

Our clinical team comprised of naturopathic doctors, medical doctors, herbalists, researchers, and scientists have combined decades upon decades of experience to provide you with the highest quality formulations backed by research and even clinical trials. We have done our homework so you don't have to!

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  • Improvement in libido

  • Improvement to fatigue and energy

  • Improvement in mental clarity/brain fog/memory

  • The Study Design

    Our independent, open-label SINGLE-ARM 8-WEEK TRIAL WITH CLINICALLY VALIDATED questionnaires was conducted on 38 women ages 25-50 who self-reported experiencing problems sleeping, reduced energy levels, and fatigue in the 4 weeks prior to the start of the study. Participants took 2 capsules of THRIVE each morning with food and completed questionnaires at Baseline, Week 4, and Week 8.

    The Oxford Happiness (short form), GAD7, and PSS questionnaires determined the product's effect on mental health parameters: happiness, anxiety, and perceived stress, respectively.

  • Gold Standard Results

    PROGRESSIVE AND STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS were observed at all time points, with the greatest improvement seen in the GAD7 (anxiety) questionnaire. Similar statistical improvements were also observed in cognitive parameters, with the highest improvements observed in feeling troubled about fatigue and low energy.

    The p-value associated with all three clinically used questionnaires was <0.0001 which means that there is a 99.99% chance that noted improvements are due to THRIVE.

  • World Class Experts

    We worked with Dr. Swathi Varanasi-Dias, an integrative PharmD with both TRADITIONAL AND HOLISTIC medical experience, as the Principal Investigator of our trial. We teamed up with innovative CONTRACT RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, CitrusLabs, led by Susanne Mitschke, to administer the trials. All trials were approved with a THIRD-PARTY INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD

    As with all hey freya initiatives, hey freya contracted with women-owned and women-led groups to ensure that every effort we make uplifts and supports women across the world.

The results speak for themselves.

Our single arm clinical trial delivered clear results that speak to the evidence our team combs through to create, craft and deliver you the highest-grade products that deliver the biggest impact, naturally.

This is just ONE of the MANY improvements our clinical trial participants noted in the study.