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REST: Powerful Sleep Support with Herbs

REST: Powerful Sleep Support with Herbs

End the tossing and turning and allow your system to be restored. hey freya's REST supports mind and muscle relaxation to promote a smooth wind-down and a deep rest while you sleep, without a groggy brain in the AM. Crafted with our hey freya medical team's deep expertise in herbal medicine, we hand-selected the seven plants, roots, and nutrients with the highest quality evidence for sleep support.

  • Promotes restful and uninterrupted sleep
  • Helps achieve deep & REM sleep
  • Acts fast and also regulates sleep cycle over time
  • Works without causing morning drowsiness or dependency
  • Eases tense muscles
  • Formulated without melatonin

What's in a pill?

This bottle is a beautiful blend of the world's natural powerhouses for moving the body into a restful state. Below are our evidence-backed nutrients that fully help us slow down, relax, and fully rest.

Valerian Root


California poppyseed




Magnesium bisglycinate

How many capsules are included?

Each bottle includes 30 capsules.


Consult a physician before taking any supplement, if you have any health condition, are taking any medications including blood thinners (e.g. Warfarin, Coumadin), or are planning any lab testing or medical/surgical procedures. Not recommended for pregnant/nursing individuals. Keep out of reach of children.

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