Supplement FAQs

What makes hey freya supplements different?

We take pride in offering naturopathic-grade supplements, which means complex blends of nutrients and herbs dosed safely and appropriately with purity and potency as our standards. Other supplement companies tend to use fewer ingredients, or miniscule amounts just to say they’ve included certain ingredients. EVERY single ingredient has been thoughtfully chosen, dose and combined for your benefit. 

What is the difference between Thrive and a multi-vitamin?

Thrive IS a multi-vitamin! But that’s not all. It is a 5-in-1 supplement. Our medical team sees all too often, women are given too many bottles to handle the same issues over and over. Thrive has all the vitamins and minerals you actually need for skin, hair, immune, thyroid, brain, and heart health (and no fillers)! On top of that, it includes potent herbs for adrenal fatigue, and vegan omega-3s. If you are taking a multi-vitamin, Thrive can be your high-quality replacement plus all the rest!

What is the difference between Nourish and a multi-vitamin?

Fancy that, Nourish IS a multi-vitamin! The difference is in the dosing. Our medical team has ensured that you aren’t just meeting the bare minimum requirements with Nourish, but you have the right factors for healing. Nourish has the all vitamins and minerals you need for skin, hair, immune, thyroid, brain, and heart health! If you are taking a multi-vitamin, Nourish can be your high-quality replacement plus all the rest!

Can I take my current multi-vitamin together with hey freya supplements?

For safety, we suggest that taking Thrive or Nourish alongside your multi-vitamin could potentially lead to having too much of some vitamins and minerals. If you are on a current multi-vitamin or other regime that you have been recommended by your physician and would like to take Thrive or Nourish as well, we recommend consulting them first.

Can I take these supplements while pregnant or nursing?

We have 2 formulas that are dosed properly for all women, including folks who are pregnant or nursing: Nourish and Quench. If pregnant or nursing, we advise that you check in with a practitioner who knows your situation before starting any new routines.

Do I have to take hey freya supplements on an empty stomach?

No! In fact, some folks prefer to take our formulations with food, because potent herbs and minerals can occasionally feel strange in the stomach. However, you do not have to take them with food. You do you.

Why do I have to take Thrive before 4pm?

We suggest that you take your Thrive capsules at least 8-12 hours before your regular bedtime to avoid restless sleep. This suggestion is important as the clinical dosing is strong and avoiding adrenal herbs late in your day will better regulate the circadian rhythm.

Do I have to take Nourish before 4pm?

No! You can take Nourish anytime of day. 

Why do you suggest taking Rest 30 minutes before bed?

The herbs and nutrients in Rest take 30 minutes to take effect. 

Can I take all your products at once?

In our current product line, only Nourish and Thrive should not be taken together. Our health guides are always available to answer questions about product, if you have questions about pairing our products.

Are the supplements made in the United States?

Yes! We are proudly manufactured in the USA, with intentional sourcing of local and global ingredients.

Is your packaging sustainable?

We weighed all the options to leave our manufacturing footprint as small as feasible. Our bottles are made of recyclable plastic and our packaging is also made of recycled craft. Both are lightweight and made locally in the USA to ensure lower fuel usage.

What allergens are your products free of?

We are proud to be completely and absolutely allergen-free (meaning the top 12 recorded allergens in the US). Our ingredients are third-party tested before we even consider putting them in our products. Check out our Never-Ever List.

What are your capsules made out of?

Our capsules are made out of plant-derived cellulose and are vegan.

How long are your herbal supplements good for?

Our ingredients will be at their maximum potency for 2 years after the date of manufacture. We intentionally manufacture in small batches to ensure you are getting the most out of your supplements.

What is the best way to store your supplements?

It is always best to store supplements in a cool, dark place - but dark places are where supplements go to die. We are looking out for you and making your routines easy. That’s why we have dark amber bottles so that your bottle doesn’t need to be buried in the back of a cupboard.

How do I know these actually work?

Our medical team has worked with hundreds of patients and seen these combinations in action.  Every ingredient is tirelessly and continuously researched for evidence of benefit in women’s health and we share those databases publicly. That way, not only do we have clinical guidance to support us, but we also have external proof.

I’m undergoing fertility treatment. Can I take hey freya products?

Every person’s fertility treatment is unique. While many of our products may be helpful for fertility in general, your physician may advise against taking anything other than a multivitamin when undergoing treatment. In that case, Nourish is a wonderfully supportive supplement to optimize ovarian and uterine health!

Are your Omega-3s fishy?

No! We go straight to the original source. Our omegas are from sustainably sourced algae. Fish get their omega-3s from the algae they eat. This is better for the environment since it reduces its environmental impact as makes for a beautiful vegan product!

Membership FAQs

Do I need to be a member to order the Measure Stress Test or any other hey freya products?

No! You can enter our community through any route. Our membership is for curated content, extra discounts, perks, and access to regular 1:1 coaching with our health guides.

Why is the membership annual and not monthly?

Our desire is to care for you for the long term. While our products are potent and effective, your health story doesn’t stop with a pill. Our coaching, testing, and community are part of you getting back to yourself. Caring for you means investing the time to evaluate, treat, and track your health over time. Don’t take this the wrong way - we are all about efficiency and results; and healing from within isn’t linear. You deserve ongoing intention and reliable support. This is what hey freya is here for!

What is the 1:1 session about - Can I book it before I purchase anything?

Yes! You can speak with our health guides at any time. Based on where you are at in your journey. It could look like:

  1. Before purchasing anything: first reach out to our customer support team @ or through our chatbot. If our customer support team thinks a quick session with our guides to ask questions about products or testing would be helpful, we’ll direct you there!
  2. After purchasing a lab kit: to help you prepare for your test.
  3. After purchasing supplements: to support other pillars of healing alongside your supplements.
  4. After receiving your Wellness Report: to go over and better understand your results.

What are the membership benefits?

It's a guided health journey! We know you are busy so we make our team available over text message, email, and video calls. Whatever works for you, works for us. Membership includes one at-home Measure Stress Test , substantial product discounts, free shipping on all orders, and 1:1 health coaching sessions.

Measure Stress Test FAQs

What do you test (only what you actually need!)?

Your natural cortisol levels throughout the day.

The 4-point cortisol test is the gold standard in medicine for measuring the adrenal response to chronic stress. The hormone, when tracked throughout the day, indicates how your body is uniquely responding to the chronic stress in your life.

We combine your unique hormone test results with a personal Lifestyle Assessment to get the most accurate indicators of your stress health.

What will this test tell me?

This test is specific to measuring stress stages. Our bodies can give us signals for when the foundation is starting to crack, even if we are still doing all the things. The signals can let us know whether we need a little or a lot of nutritive support - and when.

Why saliva vs. blood or urine?

Hormones are everywhere, including your blood, urine, and saliva. In each body fluid the measurement gives us different information. The beauty of using saliva for measuring cortisol is three-fold. 

  • One: It’s reliably and accurately measurable through saliva (not all biomarkers are - don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise). 

  • Two: Measuring cortisol in the morning in the privacy and routine of your day is the most accurate representation of what your body’s natural production is, compared to after you haul yourself to a lab visit full of bright lights and needle pricks.

  • Three: Saliva measures the unbound hormone, meaning it’s the amount of cortisol that is actively available for doing its job.

Note: Blood measures both bound and unbound forms of cortisol, which means you can’t tell how much is active and how many are floating around twiddling their thumbs.

Blood cortisol can only highlight when there is an extreme excess or deficiency.

Urine is more accurate at telling us what happened to the cortisol after it did its job, like a detective taking fingerprints for evidence. Each of these test fluids has value, but for assessing your stress response, saliva is hands down the best.

Does it matter what day of my cycle I’m on?

No! Any day is a good day!

Our Lifestyle assessment does ask which day of your cycle you took the test. This helps us assess certain factors that could affect your overall assessment - hello personalized care! If you don’t have an ovulatory cycle, or you are using hormones, no problem! Just let us know during your Lifestyle Assessment. Context is everything.

Does it matter if I’m on birth control?

Yes, but we can still analyze your stress levels. It is important to let us know what you are taking. Generally birth control will affect your hormones (that’s what they are supposed to do!), but since that is your everyday state, it is also valuable to find out how your stress hormones are doing in response to birth control.

Does it matter if I’m doing IVF?

Well, for many people IVF can feel stressful. If taking a stress test during IVF would add to your load, we vote on not taking the test. Does IVF (the act of taking the hormones, fertilization and transfer) make the test not valid - no. It will measure the state of your stress response, if you want to know. It will not measure your hormones related to fertility.

Can I take this test if I’m on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Depending on which HRT you are taking, it could influence your results. If you are taking bio-identical progesterone**, it will influence your results. But if it is a regular medication, it is also your baseline, so it will give you a sense of how your cortisol reserve is doing. 

 **different from the progestins in birth control.

Short answer, yes you can, but please let us know what medications you are taking.

Can I take this test if I’m AMAB?

YES. Stress affects us all. Reference ranges will differ based on AMAB or AFAB, but that’s all we need to know.

Can I take this test if I’m intersex?

YES. Stress affects us all. The outcomes of stress are sex differentiated (meaning there are differences in how we experience stress), but the physiology of the tests is similar in all human bodies. 

What if I’ve had a hysterectomy?

Yes. Hysterectomies come in many forms. Bottom line, our hey freya Stress Test uses specific biomarkers to help you understand your adrenals and stress response, with or without the uterus or ovaries. 

How often should I take this test?

You could take it monthly, but we’d call that a little too enthusiastic. Generally physiological responses to chronic stress take time to shift. We suggest every 3 months. 

I missed taking my test in a specific time window - what should I do?

You have 4 time points to gather the samples and each test kit comes with step-by-step guideline to help you remember.

If you miss one by an hour, no big deal - just note it on your kit form.

If you’ve missed an entire window and are now at the next time point, just continue on with the new time point. If your day looks exactly the same the next day, try and get it in there.

If your next day looks entirely different, we’ll ask you to simply skip that time point and we will work with 3. Life is busy, we get it. Even if it’s not exact, we can still assess a lot with 3 time points!

What if my stress levels are high? Will I need to see my doctor?

High stress levels are common, and depending on your relationship with your doctor, leaning on them might feel uplifting or depleting. We believe that women heal best when the healing is built with women, for women, and by women. hey freya is not a replacement for a doctor, but we know a heck of a lot about stress, physiologically, psychologically, and practically, and our medical team knows how to help us heal. 

Should I do a Measure Stress Test before I take supplements?

We believe that you know you best. Whatever fits your current situation is what is best for your body. Taking the test first will give you baseline objective data about where your body is and help to feel confident in the supplements you choose. Taking supplements beforehand - after taking our quiz - allows you to reflect on how you are doing with the support of supplements. Healing is not linear.

Are your tests reviewed by doctors?

Each and every result is reviewed by a team of physicians to catch anything that would require follow-up with your PCP.

Is the Measure Stress Test time-consuming?

It will require your attention 4 times, about less than 5 minutes each, within one day (24-hour period), but we also supply you with tips on how to make it as easy as possible! Each time point will require you to have avoided food in the preceding 2 hours.

What are the benefits of hey freya’s Measure Stress Test vs other brands’ sleep or stress tests?

Some companies test superfluous markers, we get to the point. For women, the critical pieces to measure are your cortisol levels throughout the day - many stress tests include this. However, they will also include 2-3 other markers that are less relevant, and less actionable but may appear more comprehensive simply because there are more results for you to read, interpret and potentially raise more questions about! 

We include only what you need and only what you can do something about and we tell you why. Yes, we can survey the universe and come up with many lenses to view our stress response, but there is a gold standard for measuring the adrenal response to chronic stress. And that is the 4-point cortisol test.

What’s the difference between hey freya’s Measure Stress Test and other brands’ Women’s Health Tests?

We like to keep it simple. We don’t give you what you can’t manage easily at home. Several  hormones is a great number for other tests to aim for. We test for the most valuable player. The others are excellent, but they all answer different questions, and what good is data if you don’t know what to do with it? We believe ‘Women’s Health’ is too big to fit into just 1 test.

Coming soon to hey freya are testing panels that don’t make you sort through which result is for which body part and which health concern you’re trying to resolve.

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