Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

hey freya is founded by women for women, of which there are approximately 3.9 billion on Earth today. We, Helkin, Thara, and Cecilia are only three women on this planet, yet our diverse stories show the multitude of layers and common threads that so many of us share.

We are career-focused women with different family-building journeys, severe physical postpartum symptoms, the beginnings of perimenopause, and ongoing issues with sleep and energy. Each of us recognizes how common depletion and overload are for many modern women. We were desperate to see a brand that reflected us, our lives, and our realities, with no avail - so we created one. We are our own target customers.

hey freya is a brand that is the result of what happens when women with decades of experience in tech, health, behavior change, and finance combine their resources to create sustainable wellness solutions for all women.

Despite our various life paths to date, we united on a shared call to contribute our energy and skills to a cause that we all feel is urgent and will benefit women who bring their unique life experiences.

We all recognize the opportunity for improvement and aren’t willing to accept mediocrity when it comes to a woman’s agency and her health. We deserve the best and the best doesn’t need to add time, complexity, or (more) stress to our lives.

Life is messy and we want to help you have the energy to deal with it all, in an easy, accessible way.

With love,

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