You’ve Got This.

A tranquil underwater scene in the ocean, bathed in dappled sunlight filtering through the surface.

At hey freya, we believe that the medium is just as important as the message. This is why we take care to craft beautiful bottles, that feel good in your hand, and help calm your nervous system through color and feel. We take care of the outside of our products as carefully as we hand-select what goes into them, so there is one less thing you need to think about each day.  

Calm is simple and elegant, inside and out, and there for you day in, and day out. With Calm by your side, you can face the day and go ahead and say: “I’ve got this.” We take our contribution to your life seriously, and these three standout ingredients are worth your time.

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

GABA is your nervous system’s best friend. Literal bestie. Of all the neurotransmitters we have, GABA is the only one that can tell our brains to put on the brakes. Our bodies make it naturally to indicate to us to rest when all other systems say go, but sometimes our lives are so noisy we can’t hear our dear friend. When it comes to sleep, having a little help to remind the mind and muscles to slow down may be one of the most important first steps. 

Magnesium bisglycinate

Not your grandma’s magnesium. The drugstore magnesium citrate has got nothing on hey freya’s magnesium. We use the bisglycinate form of magnesium for two reasons: It is exceptionally absorbed and doesn’t have the laxative effect of the most common forms of magnesium. As a super mineral for your health, we place it in almost all of our formulas, but to help you get through your day, mag-bis, (as we affectionately like to call it) has a calming effect from both magnesium and glycine. Mag-bis is a double-double, as in addition to the anxiety-reducing effects, it proves effective for helping to relax tight muscles as well.


L-Theanine… She’s quiet, she’s respectful, she’s all-natural, and she’s highly impactful. What more can you ask for?! Representing one of the unique and standout amino acids in the world - L-Theanine is found in natural substances such as certain green teas and various mushrooms. Her properties include helping with sleep, anxiety, mood enhancement, and reduced PMS symptoms. If we could sum it up, she is the good friend you come to, when you need to be hugged, heard, and helped. For these reasons - we chose to invite her into our formulas. 

Your wing woman is here.

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