Sunflower Seeds – Enriched with Copper, Aiding Skin and Bone Health by Promoting Collagen Production.

Certain minerals are considered sister ingredients - meaning they work best when combined. Zinc and copper are an example of this. We like to think of copper as the cool cucumber of the dynamic duo, which balances sister zinc out and allows the body to absorb each properly! Copper is an earth mineral but can also be found in certain foods. Chocolate is one of the tasty places where copper is found, as well as in whole grains, shellfish, and various nuts. Our THRIVE and NOURISH formulas contain the right balance of zinc and copper to allow you to get the benefits from both.

Evidence-based relief and benefits from this super mineral:

  • The body uses copper for energy production and assists in fending off attacks on the immune system
  • Supports skin and bone health through the stimulation of collagen production
  • May be necessary for neurological function as it helps to protect the myelin sheath that surrounds nerve cells - which is essential for proper brain function.

Minerals are a unique form of nutrients. Our bodies don’t naturally produce them - but require their properties to support optimal health. Minerals must be taken with caution - this is reflected in our dosing thanks to the guidance of our medical and nutrition team. To read more about copper, tap into our database below!

hey freya’s women-focused copper research database

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