NORI Sheets Enriched with Iodine, a Valuable Source of Essential Nutrient.

Iodine is naturally derived from several oceanic friends, such as seaweed and cod but is also found in chicken eggs.

A fun backstory to iodine - through history, as communities moved from coastal to inland, the consumption of foods from the ocean became less commonly eaten, and iodine levels began to dwindle in the diet, creating a deficiency and a public health issue of thyroid disorders. In the early 1900s, US public health needed a solution to this problem. The choice was to supplement table salt with iodine, hence “Iodized Salt,” ensuring people across the nation ingested enough of this mineral because it is so essential to proper metabolism and function! While this is great sometimes, iodine salting everything we eat does not have to be the only answer. And neither does eating six chicken eggs, which is what a daily dose of iodine looks like. 

Our THRIVE and NOURISH formulas contain your daily requirement of iodine because this mineral is critical to women's health.

Evidence-based relief and benefits from this super mineral:

  • The thyroid produces hormones responsible for metabolism, growth, and development. These hormones also regulate metabolism, affecting the body’s temperature, heart rate, and energy levels. Iodine is required by the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones - supplementing your body with iodine may support these processes
  • Iodine is a vital nutrient during all life stages and may help add an extra boost during pregnancy - aiding in healthy development.
  • May help in hormone regulation, specifically for thyroid and estrogen
  • Iodine may support during symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cycle regulation

 Minerals are a unique form of nutrients. Our bodies don’t naturally produce them - but require their properties to support optimal health. Minerals must be taken with caution - this is reflected in our dosing thanks to the guidance of our nutrition and medical team. To read more about iodine, tap into our database below!

hey freya’s women-focused iodine research database

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