Lavender Flower

Lavender Flower – Promoting Essential Mind and Body Relaxation.

Lavender, or Lavendula officianalis

Most of us know this commonly used plant from the plethora of wellness products that utilize its properties. Lotions, essential oils, and other agents include lavender for its calming and relaxation effects for the mind and body. If the color purple had a smell, this would be it. It’s fresh and flowery without overpowering our senses. Choosing to put lavender into our formulas goes without saying. Sometimes the thing you are looking for is right under your nose. Straight out of the garden, its soothing properties do precisely what we strive for - taking gentle care of you from the inside out. Lavender seems soft, but its effects are amplified when combined in our THRIVE formula with some of our earthier herbal adaptogens. “Serenity now!” she says. Read on for the continued benefits.

Evidence-based relief and benefits from this superherb:

  • Improved state of relaxation within the mind and body
  • May provide more restful sleep patterns
  • Possible hormone balancing through chronic stress reduction 
  • Lavender flower extract is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, which may prove to be beneficial for the skin
  • Contains compounds that have natural pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties
  • The antioxidants provided by the Lavender flower may help boost the immune system

The beautifully scented lavender flower has several health benefits that can help to improve overall well-being. It promotes the relaxation we all strive for and works to relieve pain and boost the immune system so that you can feel like you. Our trusty resources are always provided if you'd like to dive deeper into this unique ingredient. 

hey freya’s women-focused lavender research database

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