Vitamin A

Glistening Oil Liquid in Bubble Form.

Vitamin A, also known as retinol in its active state, is found in many topical agents that support healthy skin, often being promoted as an anti-aging tool. We also hear, “Eat your carrots to get vitamin A!” This is also true - but the beta carotene (called provitamin A) from carrots and sweet potatoes needs to be converted to a fat-soluble form to be used in the body. 

Our vitamin A is called preformed vitamin A - one step closer to all the goodness that vitamin A offers. Your standard multi will often have water-soluble beta-carotene instead of fat-soluble retinol. We can’t speak for them, but perhaps others don’t have the guidance of experts on how to dose fat-soluble vitamins safely. Fat-soluble vitamins get stored in the body; thus, taking in a large amount can cause toxicity concerns. Water-soluble vitamins are excreted if the levels are too high to be used immediately. Because of our intentional dosing, we put just enough of this vitamin in our THRIVE and NOURISH formulas to meet your daily requirements of the best form to get the job done -  not too much, not too little. With vitamin A, it is more common to lack it in your diet than it is to be overdoing it, and women in the mid-afternoon of life are at higher risk for having less in their diet. The benefits provided by vitamin A, or retinol, are listed below.

 Evidence-based relief and benefits from this super vitamin:

  • Helps to maintain healthy vision
  • Promotes and supports the growth of white blood cells, which work with the body in fighting off harmful pathogens and infections
  • Works to help maintain healthy skin and bones

Preformed vitamin A, along with our other ingredients, is an excellent way of working to maintain well-being. You can click on the source below to take a deeper look into the science behind the powerful benefits of vitamin A. 

hey freya’s women-focused vitamin A research database

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