Introducing QUENCH and CALM

Introducing QUENCH and CALM

Today a majority of women are so stressed they can’t function, and they’re seeking solutions online because they don’t trust their doctors. That’s why we founded hey freya. It started with a deep passion to provide an alternative and effective option that would address the symptoms and underlying health issues plaguing women. 

hey freya solutions include a clinically valid, accurate, and informative cortisol test, and a suite of evidence-based multi-vitamin and adaptogenic supplement products that address symptoms while also allowing you to heal from within. 

We’re excited to announce the addition of two new products: QUENCH and CALM, now available for order on our website.

QUENCH: your science-backed hydration solution

QUENCH from hey freya is science-based hydration. We need water to survive, even mild dehydration can affect mood, skin, cognitive performance, and energy levels. 

In a time of changing climate and water commodification, we believe it’s our duty to give you the resources to hydrate efficiently, so we can heal people and the planet together. Water is most efficiently absorbed when balanced properly with salt, a few other minerals, and the correct amounts of real sugar (no, not the enormous amounts found in your typical sports drink).

With the power of astaxanthin and vitamin C – key ingredients in QUENCH – it protects your cells and enhances skin health, using strong antioxidants to target anti-aging. Our medical team is not a fan of fad ingredients and deeply reviews the evidence before choosing what goes into our products. The research behind astaxanthin is clear. It is a skin and vision superfood, and not the kind that will fade away anytime soon. 

CALM: your daily companion for a tranquil mind and serene moments

CALM by hey freya is a meticulously crafted supplement product designed to promote relaxation and reduce symptoms of anxiety.

We wanted to create an alternative to many of the vices that people often turn to in times of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. While we don’t want to associate shame with turning to more traditional ‘stress-relievers,’ they often only work in the moment. For example, alcohol may help provide a feeling of calm at first, but end up having a reverse effect later on.

CALM is made of plant-based ingredients that have mountains of evidence supporting their effects on anxiety regulation: lavender, L-theanine, GABA, and magnesium bisglycinate. These ingredients work together to support your nervous system, promote relaxation, and balance your mood. To learn more about the ingredients in CALM and how they work you can read our other post, here

Doctor-formulated, made for women by women

At hey freya, we formulate all of our own supplements, thoughtfully providing the most powerful ingredients to target the symptoms that women struggle with the most. All hey freya products are 100% plant-based and uniquely designed for women by women who have practiced as naturopathic doctors and herbalists for decades. As a result, each formulation is unique, cleaner, and crafted from clinical expertise and evidence, not stock formulas or industry bias. Our products are always gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan, third-party tested for contaminants, and non-GMO without hormones, toxins, or fillers.


In support of a larger mission to change the way women take care of themselves

We don’t believe in operating within the current system because it’s not working. First, we’re hoping to make an impact on women’s everyday lives through our products, but we also have big goals to help change the broader healthcare industry. 

We believe that women’s health is a barometer for the health and progress of our larger society. Women and women of color have led us through monumental change and without their health and wellbeing, society at large is at risk. Thank you for joining us on our mission to remove the burden and isolation women feel because of the current system, so that we can be unstoppable again.

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