The Freyas

 Captivating Woman Gazing Forward with Adorned Gold Foil on Her Face.

Who is Freya? Freya is, most dear to our hearts, the name of our CEO Helkin Berg’s daughter. Freya is also a Nordic mythological figure. She demonstrates the complexity and power of women. We think you’ll love her as much as we do.

She is the goddess of not only love, family and beauty, but also of visionary magic, battle and war. She demonstrates the strength of women and balks at the idea of being owned. She is a master of the magical arts and she leads the fight for change. She goes against the narrative of women as a single type of person. She is what we like to call, a magical rebel

It is all too common to connect womanhood only with femininity. It is easy to discount or overlook the complexities associated with experiencing society as a woman. This is the simplicity that Freya rejects. 

We recognize that evoking and elevating a light-skinned northern goddess offers a myopic and exclusive image of womanhood - so instead, we are here to claim our own version of what it means to be a Freya.

Freya speaks to all of the women who are working the triple shift of career, household, and community. Everyday - most often without recognition - they celebrate wins and endure losses, draw upon their strength and exercise surrender, have trade offs and standoffs, constantly navigating difficult choices and negotiating with the world. Freyas are complex badasses. Freyas are part of the change we are all calling for, together. 

The work has already begun.

Come and rebel with us. 


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