Women at Work

Women at Work

Attention managers and senior leadership: Do your performance evaluations include a portion dedicated to employee well-being? If not, it's time to re-evaluate before this critical workplace skill is relegated to "office housework" - you know - the unpaid work like contributing to DEI efforts, coordinating office gatherings, and serving as office mediators.

Attention employees: Be bold and hold your manager accountable for measuring your contributions outside those performance reviews. 

Because guess what the data shows of who's picking up most of that extra unpaid work? 


Women are burned out from figuring out everyone else’s burnout, in the workplace. 

It’s time to get serious about supporting women’s health. With the amount of time we spend with and at our workplaces, one place to start is in employee wellness programs. Enough with the generic wellness webinars, free snacks and games night; what women want is recognition that workplace burnout disproportionately affects women, and we want the prevention of burnout i.e. our health and well-being, better prioritized and preserved. 

Women who are crushing their mid-career, mid-caregiving stage of life in particular need healthcare that looks beyond a disease. We need care that focuses on our nutrient intake, our stress response, and our ability to recharge. Employers who effectively prioritize well-being of the women in their organizations unlock greater employee retention and see growth in their bottom lines . This isn’t addressed by simply giving concessions based on uterine status (which by the way is a baseline, not a concession).

So, what exactly can workplaces offer women?

Enter hey freya.

What hey freya is here to do is provide the evidence based solutions for women’s top health concerns, including stress, and the data to help motivate all involved. While some of those concerns have to do with the reproductive system, many of them are rooted in the workplace burnout that women are disproportionately burdened with. 

Writer Annie Dillard famously said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Women have resorted to self diagnosing and are spending hours talking about how their work contributes to their stress. While they might be able to name the factors they think are contributing to their stress, they can’t effectively address nor manage their stress without knowing how their physiology may be impacting their experience of stress (and similarly, how their experience of stress might be impacting their physiology). 

With salivary cortisol testing, physician formulated supplements and coaching that address energy, fatigue, and goals - hey freya provides the only end to end health solution that takes women from feeling overwhelmed and unheard to feeling unstoppable.

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