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QUENCH: Daily Electrolyte Hydration

QUENCH: Daily Electrolyte Hydration

Are you having all the water and still feeling parched? Hydration is not only about H2O. It’s about the right balance of electrolytes and sugar. Move over sugar-free options, we only include ingredients that actually get the job done. We keep your needs in mind & blend powerful antioxidants with the critical ratio of salt, sugar, and other electrolytes to truly hydrate you. hey freya QUENCH packs are clinically formulated to keep your water in your system, not running through you. 

Mix one QUENCH pack daily with 16 oz of water to help you stay balanced. There is no assessment needed for this; electrolyte and antioxidant-rich hydration is good for all. 

What's in a pouch?

This pouch contains 30 stick packs perfect for a month of luscious hydration. A beautiful blend of the world's natural powerhouses for electrolyte balance to hydrate you both inside and out. Packed with evidence-backed nutrients to create better-for-you water. Our clean powerful ingredients include:


Vitamin C

Magnesium Bisglycinate

How many servings are included?

Each pouch contains 30 stick packs and each stick pack is one serving.


Tastes so unexpectedly good and feels so refreshing, you might want more! As with any supplements, consult a physician before starting daily beverages if you have any health conditions, or are planning any lab testing or medical/surgical procedures. Keep out of reach of children.

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